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Only the sweet need follow.

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a-restless-dream requested: favorite Shawn/Gus moments

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Otherwise you are saying bichen, which is chinese for too much face

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Guys, please. Can’t we come up with a term that covers both killer and arsonist?

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Starfish Spencer

Shawn: The answer is simple. My least favorite is the black jellybean. And I’m not just saying that because it’s black. Believe me. Some of my best friends are black jellybeans. But if I wanted to be eating licorice, why would i reach for a jellybean? You feel me? I suspect you do. And here’s a free golden nugget. I also vow to protect our fine city from invaders to the north and the west. And I will only use the fundamentals of traditional Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Boom! Follow through. Boom! Rain dance. That’s from Along Came Polly.


This is where Rob Lowe humps it out.


Stop for a pee, stay for a lifetime.

Being a Michigander, I almost take offense to this.(Except, it’s true.)

Being a Michigander, I almost take offense to this.

(Except, it’s true.)

Shawn: If I was a mobster, I think my mobster name would be Frankie Friction.

Gus: That sounds like a porn name.

Shawn: No, Chubbie Pumpaloaf sounds like a porn name.